The Central Area Community Association is a certified 501(c)(3), all volunteer not for profit organization. The association was established in 1997 after recognizing the opportunity to provide a service to the Central Area Community. The board members, staff and volunteers are established members of the Seattle community and have a strong conviction to the missions and goals of this organization. All the many hours that go into the production of this event is donating by all members of the organization.



It is the desire of the CACF organizers and supporters that through their efforts it will bring about social and economic development. With major corporate sponsors playing a role in the festival, it is the festival's hope that these sponsors will look to this community for future investments. There are also local sponsors that factor into this formula. The organizers feel that the local sponsors will be able to network with the community businesses and organizations forming partnerships that will aid in future economic development.




The festival organizers are aware that this can only take place if we all work together. It is our intent in producing this festival to open the minds of the closed and to generate ideas from the unimaginable. We stand strong in our convictions to enhance this community and the product of the Central Area Community Festival.


Mission and Objectives


Festivalís Mission

This festival strengthens community pride, integrity and spirituality while promoting cultural diversity throughout the Central Area Community.

Festivalís Objectives

  • Promote positive exposure of the Central Area Community.
  • Provide opportunities for volunteer involvement of individuals, organizations and businesses.
  • Promote community awareness, fellowship and pride.
  • Promote corporate and neighborhood business development.
  • Provide an arena for sharing informational, cultural and educational programming.
  • Promote celebration of life within the Central Area Community.




Central Area Community Festival
1122 East Pike Street, PMB 736
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 999-3482

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Central Area Community Festival, City of Seattle, Washington, USA
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